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“I’m so happy to have found A Few Good Bananas! The artistic, colorful style of each of your handmade products is a perfect fit for my customers who pride themselves on supporting only the highest quality makers. The one-of-a-kind designs on your fingerless gloves, card wallets and headbands literally grabs their attention at Twig but it’s your attention to detail and fine workmanship that seals the sale. Our customers love your work and so do we. Thanks for making such a great product!” - Jennifer Saunders, Twig




Mittens & Fingerless Gloves




Ear Warmer Headbands

All of our work is founded on our belief that play allows you to escape ordinary life, abandoning the rules and fully indulging your creative side. We had a lot of fun with these collections and hope you do too!

A Few Good Bananas - Life is short: wear a hat
Life is short: Wear a hat

Our wearable art creations are a tribute to the playful side of life. A hat is a statement piece, whether it's a small rebellion against the norm, a way to stand out in the crowd, or simply a beautiful adornment. Whatever it represents, it certainly spices up life.

All hats are constructed with multi-colored fabrics, textures, and embellishments. Each hat is one-of-a-kind, adorned with detailed handwork, elaborate goo gahs and fine finishings.

What Makes Our Hats Unique
Our hats are individually handmade from recycled and new materials. We hand select every element of every hat, making them rich in details and high quality materials. In a world of mass production and fad-driven fashion, we are certainly unique!

Our mittens and fingerless gloves hold their own!
Our mittens and fingerless gloves hold their own!

Best Seller!

It's love at first touch. You'll be amazed at how soft and wearable our mittens and cashmere-lined fingerless gloves feel.

These mittens aren't just for looks. Our mittens are made from boiled wool and lined with fleece, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Fingerless Gloves
"Ohh, so soft." That's what we hear every time a customer puts on one of our fingerless gloves. Each pair is lined with cashmere wool, making these gloves unlike anything else on the market.

A Few Good Bananas style now in handmade scarves!
That's a wrap!

The same distinctive A Few Good Bananas style now in handmade scarves! Lightweight boiled wool is used in our cowl neck scarf, finished with A Few Good Bananas' distinct felted designs.

We combine silk with wool that is Made in America to create scarves that are soft, light, flexible and made to last. A variety of colors are available.

A Few Good Bananas Ear Warmer Headbands
Hats off to ear warmer headbands!


Ear Warmer Headbands

We know hats aren't for everyone. But now you don't have to miss out on the fun! Our ear warmer headbands are one-size-fits-all. They are lightweight and lined with fleece for a warm and comfortable fit. Of course, each ear warmer headband carries A Few Good Bananas' signature felted design so it's easy to add a big splash of fashion to any cold weather style.

Ear Warmer Headbands





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