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  1. Where do you get your materials?
    We started out making our mittens, gloves and ear warmers from re-claimed materials. Once we discovered needle felting and started incorporating it into our work, we found using new boiled wool gave our work a more consistent look. We still line our fingerless gloves with re-claimed cashmere, and we also use a combination of new and re-claimed materials in our hats. We also discovered wet felting, and you'll find pieces of wet felted fabric that we made in our designs. We love combining interesting colors and textures into our work.

  2. Who does all the work?
    All three of us are involved in every aspect of the work. Many of our creations are the result of a collaborative effort.

  3. Where is your work sold?
    You can find our work in fine galleries and shops around the country.
    Go to our page, "Find A Store."

  4. Do you sell retail?
    We do not sell directly to consumers.

  5. Returns
    Returns are accepted for defects in workmanship.

  6. Where do I get information on new products?
    Like us on Facebook! We'll let you know when we have something new to offer.

  7. Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes! Please contact us for information about wholesale orders.

  8. If I am ordering wholesale, can I request specific colors and/or designs?
    We are a small company and we are busy creating our handmade accessories long before the winter season begins. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the use of specific colors or replication of specific designs. Instead, we like to get to know our customers and their preferences in terms of color ways and styles. Based on that information, we carefully hand pick selections to fulfill requests.

  9. Does your work come in a range of sizes?
    We use a standard pattern for each item and all patterns are made in "one-size-fits-most." Our hats and accessories are adult size.

  10. What is your turn-around time for wholesale orders?
    Wholesale orders generally require a 2-4 week turnaround time. If we have the items in stock we are happy to ship sooner.

  11. How do you calculate shipping charges on wholesale orders?
    We add a flat 4% charge to wholesale orders for shipping.

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